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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shutter King: The Iconic Work of Photographer, Patrick Demarchelier

The Man, Patrick Demarchelier

Aside from being home to the most incredible fashion houses on earth, Paris, France has given us another gift. Patrick Demarchelier is an artist; one of the greatest photographers to ever snap a picture. His name is known throughout the fashion world for his famous work with mega publications Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, Rolling Stone…and so on, and so on…and so on. You would be hard pressed to find any fashion magazine in the world that hasn’t been touched by a bit of his magic. Whether photographing top supermodels, rock n’ roll legends, or rarely seen animals in Tanzania, Mr. Demarchelier has an uncanny ability to seize the emotion of a moment and freeze it, giving us the ability to enjoy it eternally. If you weren’t there when the picture was snapped, (which you probably weren’t,) it doesn’t matter. You will still be able to look at the image and feel like you were present. His camera lenses gaze into the souls of his subjects and gives the public an intimate look at a moment not shared by anyone else. The work he’s done on ad campaigns for major fashion greats such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein can be seen splashed across magazines and billboards worldwide. It is safe to say Patrick Demarchelier’s work is unparalleled in its range and execution, and I for one hope he never stops snapping.

Below are just a few of my infinite favorites:

adriana lima, pirelli calendar, ny magazine

angelina jolie, vanity fair

blake lively, glamour UK 2009

bollywood dreams, vogue india

bollywood dreams, vogue india

bollywood dreams, vogue india

britney spears

cheetah, tanzania, 1993

vogue uk

vogue uk

gisele, 1999

femme fatale, vogue germany

French Vogue, March 2009

jessica stam, vogue

keith richards, new york, 2003

lily donaldson, vogue paris

no title

vogue paris, 2007

julia nobis

scarlett johansson

vogue china

vogue china

vogue uk, june 2009
massai warrior, tanzania, 1993

A Few Bio Highlights of The Man:
*Born in Paris
*Got his first camera at 17 years old
*Moved to New York City in 1975
*First non-British photographer to photograph the British Royal Family
*Became Princess Diana's official photographer
*A FEW of the icons he has photographed: Madonna, David Bowie, Elizabeth Hurley, and Gisele

love. love. love.
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