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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Graffiti Graphics

I am going through a major Graffiti loving stage...I don't know whether it's the bold colors, blunt statements, or just the sheer creativity of the artists...but I am diggin it all in a major way---

11 spring street

a london hotel

inside room, mike olbinski, gila river indian reservation

Long Island City, NY (flickr, nathangotphoto)

new york

queens, ny- long island city, 5Pointz, amrita

street art in valparaiso, belrobplace

Style in progress event in queen street alley in toronto, patanne

And with all this beautiful inspiration I'm off to China to design some shoes :)

Promise to bring some cool pics back to share!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walk The Line

Prada Spring 2011 Ad Campaign

Feel like stripping... I mean STRIPING!? Everywhere you look this Spring, stripes are sure to be found. Prada is my obvious favorite choice of designer stripes right now (see "Prada In Wonderland") but there are a multitude of other fabulous high end and mass market designers getting in line (pun intended) with the trend. From graphic and bold to nautical classics, vertical and horizontal lines are giving us a direct path to Spring must-haves. Stripes can be seen on clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, belts, hats...you name it, it's been made in some version with stripes. Please do be careful with horizontal stripes however on clothing. It's never a flattering look to have stripes that make you look like a fat inmate. Make sure you steer in the direction of micro stripes (very thin) or bolder graphic stripes (very wide.) These are the most universally flattering for women's body types. Unless you are a tall beanpole, the middle-of-the-road stripe width is very hard to pull off. If you are very tall, then have a party. Your height will distract from the horizontal draw that medium size stripes can create on a shorter woman's hips (making them look extra wide and unflattering.) *I have wide hips myself and find that the thin stripes work best for me :)

In this month's US Harper's Bazaar and this month's UK Harper's Bazaar, it is obvious that great minds think alike. Clearly stripes are an international phenom for the coming seasons and you don't want to be left out! Below are pages from both stripey stories:  "Walk The Line" from UKHB, and "STRIPES" from USHB. Take a look and figure out what stripes will work best for you. I am also including some great pieces of clothing and accessories that are stripe-perfect for this Spring!

Harper's Bazaar UK

Harper's Bazaar UK

Harper's Bazaar UK

Harper's Bazaar UK

Harper's Bazaar UK
Harper's Bazaar US
Harper's Bazaar US

Harper's Bazaar US

Harper's Bazaar US

Harper's Bazaar US


daughters of the revolution, lantern dress, singer22.com

alice + olivia jill belted stripe silk maxi dress, nordstrom.com

cowl neck striped dress by wal G, topshop.com

marc by marc jacobs, striped silk dress, mytheresa.com

michael stars, jersey stripe halter maxi, michaelstars.com

rugby stripe column, freepeople.com

splendid rugby stripe maxi dress, nordstrom.com

jean paul gaultier, striped jersey dress, bergdorfgoodman.com

autumn cashmere, striped grandfather cardigan, bluefly.com

striped sweater cardigan with belt, forever21.com

we the free, long sleeve striped tunic, freepeople.com

espadrille sneakers, anthropologie.com

island stripe wedges, anthropologie.com

whispering rainbow flats, anthropologie.com

marc by marc jacobs, saddlery striped lou lou satchel, shopbop.com

mesa ranch messenger, freepeople.com

rebecca minkoff, dear tote, shopbop.com

bedstu, zappos.com

woven in rope belt, freepeople.com



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomboy Chic by Coco Chanel

For those crazy people that always thought fashion and sports were mutually exclusive...you're a lunatic. I always found the stereotypes of "tomboy, athlete" versus "cheerleader, fashionista" to be quite funny. Especially when I grew up playing basketball and softball, while always making sure I had the latest and greatest in fashion at the time. My freshman year of high school I played basketball and field hockey, but come sophomore year turned to cheerleading, as I felt it was more fun and relaxed. But besides the ridiculous short skirts and teen movie-esque stereotypical cheerleading outfits, I LOVED that cheerleading gave me a chance to stand on the sideline of a football game and get a first hand look at what was going on. I love football. And just because I'm standing there looking all girly in a short skirt with pom poms, doesn't mean I don't know what is going on. In fact I know exactly what is going on. Play after play. So although on the outside my cute little outfit might scream one cliche, on the inside I'm the one screaming... at the coach to run the freakin' ball because our quarterback is incompetent. 

My point is that just because a girl is into looking cute, and knows brands, and LOVES fashion, doesn't mean she can't put a bat to a ball and crush it. It just makes her more bad ass. And bad ass chicks are awesome. But in case you want to go skiing, or play a game of football (touch or tackle...girls choice,), or catch some fish, or ride a bike... one classically famous couture brand has made the sporty-fashionita's life THAT much better. Thanks to CHANEL, we no longer have to choose between sports and style. We can have it all. As we should.

Thank. You. Coco.

chanel basketball

chanel football

chanel football
chanel riding helmet and golf clubs

chanel tennis racket

chanel raft

chanel fishing & tackle kit

chanel rollerblades

chanel boomerang

chanel free weights
chanel goggles

chanel skiis

chanel skiis

chanel, skiblades

chanel, wooden skiis

chanel snowboard

chanel, wooden snowboard

Now go kick ass ;)