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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Charlotte's Web

photo from charlotteronson.com
 Charlotte Ronson has an effortless chic vibe to her collections. Somehow she manages to fuse a rocker, romantic, hipster look into a vast array of must-have pieces. Her Spring 2011 runway presentation brings to mind terms like whimsical and feminine...but also hippy and badass. Apparently we don't have to choose just one...which works great for us women that dress for our morning mood. Not only is her sense of style total perfection, but she wanted to make sure her wide fan base can afford her fabulous confections as well...so she also created the line I Heart Ronson for JC Penney...a totally cute (more junior oriented) collection of pieces that emulate her true style.

Check out video below from Charlotte's Spring 2011 runway show (AMAZZZING music obvi) as well as some of my favorite pieces from the runway, and from the more affordable JC Penney collection!


Have a fantastical Memorial Day Weekend!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

King McQueen: Leaving A Legacy

Having worked in the fashion industry for almost 6 years now, I have met many fabulous people and friends who share my love of design and creation. I wanted to try something new on the 'Booze, so I asked my friend Emily, a fashionista in her own right,  to draft a guest blog about her recent trip to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in NYC to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit that just opened. Trust me...you NEED TO GO NOW. Enjoy!

King of McQueen
by Emily Landsman

I have always obsessed over Alexander McQueen’s collections and over-the-top fashion shows. It’s not just because of the abundance of feathers and leather, although that may have done it as those are two of my favorite things. No, I heart Alexander McQueen because he takes things that aren’t ordinarily thought of as beautiful, and turns them into some of the most exquisite, inspiring pieces in the world. And that just makes him a genius.

When I took my mom to the Met on Mother’s day to see the McQueen exhibit, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I could not possibly live one more day without seeing it. It is well worth the 45 minute wait and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds because it is complete with thousands of garments and accessories, accompanied by videos from their respective fashion shows. The exhibit showcases many examples of how McQueen challenges what we think of as beauty. He constructs beautiful things in order to deconstruct them, and sometimes literally set them on fire or had rain pour on them in the middle of a fashion show! McQueen’s impeccable tailoring serves as a platform from which to travel through… a fantasyland that is both at times grotesque and beautiful. The breadth of his emotional and provocative work has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry forever.

Mostly, I would just LOVE to wear the Armadillo shoe or molded leather corsets!!!! These pieces could completely transform any ordinary human into a super creature. That is the power of Alexander McQueen.

armadillo shoes

coiled corset

highland rape dress

jellyfish ensemble

leather corset


2004 AMQ runway show (rain)

2005 AMQ runway show

the horn of plenty dress

These are just a few of the incredible pieces you can view at the exhibit. Don't waste another minute. GET. THERE. NOW.



Friday, May 6, 2011

Wear Your Words

jessica elliot, amor ring, max&chloe.com

Sometimes speaking the words just isn't enough...so WEAR THEM INSTEAD! Right now there are a ton of jewelry designers cashing in on this word-worthy trend. Whether it's a simple letter, initials, or an entire phrase, speak your mind with a ring, necklace, or bracelet that represents you. I have always LOVED jewelry that has my name or initials on it, and even better now, many designers allow you to customize pieces to say entire phrases or a personal thought that speaks your mind without a peep! Take a look at some fabulous options that I am sooooo needing right now!

pave diamond dream necklace, sydney evan, neimanmarcus.com

anna bee square-rectangle name and date tag necklace, pinkmascara.com

aurora lopez mejia, double initial pendant necklace, barneys.com

danielle stevens, laugh necklace, max&chloe.com

erica anenberg, love necklace, couturecandy.com

jessica elliot, stop and smell the roses dogtag necklace, couturecandy.com

tarina tarantino gift set, i love you/i hate you, zappos.com

avanessi yellow gold love infinity bracelet, max&chloe.com

charmed circle, chanel quote bangle, shopsheboutique.com

christie martin, say anything silver bangle, max&chloe.com, *JUNKIE FAVORITE* (Customize this bangle to say anything you want!)

diamond love bracelet, roberto coin, neimanmarcus.com

elizabeth cole sayings bangle set, max&chloe.com

jessica elliot gold "use your words" bracelets, max&chloe.com

jessica kagan cushman, "often wrong but never in doubt bangles", max&chloe.com

kris nations new york state bracelet, max&chloe.com

love life, be brave bracelet, macys.com
ariel gordon jewelry, square tag rings, shopgoldyn.com

christie martin, say anything silver ring, max&chloe.com, *JUNKIE FAVORITE* (Customize this ring to say anything you want!)

love made in heaven ring, endless.com

This post was totally inspired by my new ETTIKA  bracelet...a gift from a very cute man ;) Check out my post about the brand "TREASURE CHEST: ETTIKA" for other colorful options!

Happy Friday!