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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomboy Chic by Coco Chanel

For those crazy people that always thought fashion and sports were mutually exclusive...you're a lunatic. I always found the stereotypes of "tomboy, athlete" versus "cheerleader, fashionista" to be quite funny. Especially when I grew up playing basketball and softball, while always making sure I had the latest and greatest in fashion at the time. My freshman year of high school I played basketball and field hockey, but come sophomore year turned to cheerleading, as I felt it was more fun and relaxed. But besides the ridiculous short skirts and teen movie-esque stereotypical cheerleading outfits, I LOVED that cheerleading gave me a chance to stand on the sideline of a football game and get a first hand look at what was going on. I love football. And just because I'm standing there looking all girly in a short skirt with pom poms, doesn't mean I don't know what is going on. In fact I know exactly what is going on. Play after play. So although on the outside my cute little outfit might scream one cliche, on the inside I'm the one screaming... at the coach to run the freakin' ball because our quarterback is incompetent. 

My point is that just because a girl is into looking cute, and knows brands, and LOVES fashion, doesn't mean she can't put a bat to a ball and crush it. It just makes her more bad ass. And bad ass chicks are awesome. But in case you want to go skiing, or play a game of football (touch or tackle...girls choice,), or catch some fish, or ride a bike... one classically famous couture brand has made the sporty-fashionita's life THAT much better. Thanks to CHANEL, we no longer have to choose between sports and style. We can have it all. As we should.

Thank. You. Coco.

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Now go kick ass ;)


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