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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Viva La Boheme

It’s freakin’ freezing. Having just spent time working, shopping, and sunbathing in sunny Miami I can honestly say I am pretty PO’ed with the current weather situation. I went from a peacefully calming 80 degrees, sunny skies, light cotton candy clouds, salty ocean breezes, and soft sandy beaches to… a three hour flight delay, bitter cold wind chill (causing a splitting headache,) grey skies,  wet dirty streets, and  a general agitation towards the fact that I am SO over this winter. WTF?! In an effort to bring myself back to a Zen state of mind, I decided to focus on the great things to come… when the bright sunny days of Spring will be upon us filled with platform sandals, long drapey skirts, gauzy dresses, and fabulous floppy hats that will replace my North Face parka fit for an Antarctic tundra campout (if that’s a thing.)
One of my all time favorite budget friendly brands,  Free People,  hits these blissful Springy ideas right on the head with their  La Boheme lookbook.  Usually the holy-grail of straight up ethereal Boho-Hippie Chic  fashions, FP takes it to another level by adding some wild prints into their Spring La Boheme collection giving it a new funky edge.  The classic lacey look, ditsy and oversize floral prints, and staple Free People styles do NOT disappoint...but the subtle wild prints combined with the sheer delicate fabrics create a ϋber feminine albeit naughty look...  and who doesn’t love a sexy good girl?
Ob. Sessed...

Take a Bow Cardigan, FP-1 Cascade of Ruffles Slip, Printed Rouched Bralette, Roxanne Heel

Striped Racer Maxi Dress, Daisy Wedge Platform, Printed Rouched Bralette, Bleached Floppy Hat, Loving Leopard Scarf 

Convertible Crochet Halter, Tiered Maxi Skirt, Point D'Esprit Maxi Slip, Janis Brimmed Wool Tall Hat, Millau Wrap Bracelet,  

Bow Halter Tunic, Trailing Eyelet Wideleg Pant, Bed of Roses Platform, Bleached Floppy Hat

FP-1 Sunburst Maxi Dress, Kite and Butterfly Tunic, Marilyn Peep Toe Heel, Koi Pendant, Antique Daisy Ring

Engineered Crochet Tunic, Ophelia Platform Boot, Loving Leopard Scarf

Marled Cardigan, FP-1 Wisteria and Lattice Dress, Convertible Crochet Halter, Antique Daisy Ring


Printed Rouched Bralette (Free People)

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