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Thursday, February 24, 2011


image courtesy of sominab.blogspot.com

Have you ever had one of those moments when your parents looked at your outfit and gave you a look like “What in the WORLD are you wearing?” I used to get those a lot. Definitely more so back in 7th grade when Abercrombie & Fitch was totally the rage (I swear it was) and I would spend all of my money on a pair of supppper distressed jeans. I made sure to look through every single pair in my size and would compare the ratio of rips and holes to the rest of the jean. Some pairs had fewer rips, some had more… some had tears in very interesting locations which I personally thought would be considered sexy (a ripped tushy pocket for example) but maybe my middle school teacher would deam inappropriate. (Because her holiday sweaters, jack-o-lantern earrings, and long linen skirts were super appropriate…ugh gross.) ANYWAY back to the point…ripped up jeans were definitely all the rage. I remember one particular day my Grandfather saw me in a pair of my awesomely fabulous super trendy A&F distressed bootcut jeans, and asked me why on earth I would spend money on something that looked like a shot gun was taken to it a million times over? Well…jokes on you Gramps…I was always WAY ahead of my time when it came to fashion and fyi HOLES. ARE. BACK.

Not so much in the form of denim exactly- but in a million other wonderfully roughed up, tattered, frayed, and knotted ways. From high end designers to mass marketing trend hubs, holes have found their way back into our lives. You may even want to thank the moth who just chewed some holes in your favorite tshirt…they did you a favor and saved you some money. Now you are already a style step ahead for next season. I am utterly thrilled with the breatheable, loose, casual nature of the holey fabrics that will usher me happily into Spring.

Here are some of my favorite HOLEY items in a price range for all budgets!

kimberly ovitz, hemingway sweater, (shopbop.com)

A.L.C., crochet cropped sweater (intermixonline.com)

forever21, crochet knit ss top (forever21.com)

forever21, crochet knitted cardigan (forever21.com)

elizabeth & james, black and white crochet cropped sweater (intermixonline.com)

foley + corinna, crochet fringe sweater (shopbop.com)

free people, pacifica crochet hooded sweater (shopbop.com)

georgie, darla crochet dress (shopbop.com)

helmut lang, crochet cotton irregular sweater (intermixonline.com)

elizabeth & james, dottie crochet pullover (neimanmarcus.com)

forever21, crochet cardigan (forever21.com)

forever21, open crochet top (forever21.com)

robert rodriguez, crochet cropped sweater (shopbop.com)

forever21, distressed knit tank (forever21.com)

foley + corinna, crochet tunic (shopbop.com)

larok luxe, delicate frayed dress (shopbop.com)

walter, distressed tank top (theoutnet.com)

shakuhachi, holey moley full length dress (urbanoutfitters.com)

urban outfitters, crochet ruana (urbanoutfitters.com)

urban outfitters, open panel tight (urbanoutfitters.com)

It's almost Friday! Donut HOLES all around! mmmm


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