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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hour

You know that feeling of pure bliss? Utter happiness? When you are smiling so hard your face hurts and you feel like you can’t catch your breath? When your surroundings seem to disappear and it’s as if nothing else in the world exists except you in this moment? I do. And no I’m not talking about being in love or falling in love as you would expect on this lovely Valentine’s Monday. I’m talking about walking into the Bergdorf Goodman shoe floor and seeing the Spring 2011 collections dispersed around me in a sea of perfection. This…is my happy place.

My journey to Bergdorf’s on this particular day was for work…get inspired, feel inspired…bla bla bla. How about…someone give me a bagillion dollars so I can have everything in sight? If you really look around at the faces of the women trying on gorgeous 70’s inspired Christian Louboutin platforms, or sky-high nautical themed Miu Miu wedges you will notice the pure joy there. Women will put these gems on and stare endlessly at their feet in the mirror because lets face it, the majority of the time, the shoe fits. Unlike trying on a pair of inevitably ill-fitting designer jeans that give you fat in places quite frankly you thought were looking skinny this month…shoes have a tendency to nearly always make you look good. It’s probably the same mood altering experience that people get when they play with puppies or babies, acts which instantly can change a bad mood or stressful day into a carefree moment of sheer elation. The higher the heel, the more powerful you feel. The heavier the platform, the skinnier your legs look. Not fitting into those jeans most likely means you skipped the gym all last month and probably indulged in a few too many desserts. That’s your fault. But not fitting into a pair of designer shoes means the designer sized the shoes too small and it’s their fault they don’t fit, not yours. How dare they? You eat your dessert and enjoy it!

So the next time you are feeling down, or stressed, or just need to escape from people that are pissing you off…head over to 57th and 5th, take the escalator up to the 2nd floor, and I promise you within minutes you will feel as good as new. And if you are among the fortunate ones that can afford to BUY, and not just longingly gaze at, these delicious footwear confections? Brace yourself for the shoegasm of a lifetime...and congratulations...to you.


Below are of some of my Spring 2011 favorites so far…drool for yourself.

Guiseppe Zanotti

Jimmy Choo


Christian Louboutin (OBSESSED!)

Miu Miu

Miu Miu

Miu Miu

Miu Miu



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