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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Dana Avidan, Fashion Editor, INSTYLE Magazine

Kate Winslet. Uma Thurman. Queen Latifah. Camila Alves. What do all of these fabulous celebs have in common? They have all had the fortune of working with Dana Avidan, the Fashion Market Editor at InStyle magazine. Dana’s keen eye for style has been coveted by major e-commerce fashion forces ShopBop.com and eLuxury.com, for which she contributed “Editor’s Picks” of seasonal must-haves…a trend many fashion sites are now utilizing to generate buzz about particular items. With seasoned experience in the apparel, accessories, and swimwear markets, you can expect to hear plenty more from Dana Avidan as she continues to be a strong presence in the industry.

I sat down with Dana to pick her brain and get the fashion scoop...

Dana Avidan, InStyle Fashion Editor

JJ: What is your first memory of being in the fashion industry?

DA: My first day as an intern at INSTYLE I had to pick up emerald and diamond earrings from Harry Winston for a cover shoot. They handed me the bag and I was able to just walk right out with this priceless jewelry...it was surreal.
JJ: What do you think is the biggest misconception about working in the industry?
DA: A big misconception is that it’s always glamorous, there is so much hard work that goes into every issue. There are a lot of late hours and long days...it's definitely not a 9-5 work day.
JJ: What is the greatest perk you’ve ever gotten?
DA: I flew to Harbour island for a shoot with Heidi Klum when I was an assistant and stayed for 3 nights at the pink sands resort, all expenses paid. It was incredible.
JJ: Have you ever gotten star struck when you were styling a celeb for a photoshoot?
DA: Most celebrities are surprisingly gracious and approachable so it makes them easy to work with. I've definitely gotten excited to work with particular ones, but never really starstruck.
JJ: What is a typical day like when you are styling for a shoot? 
DA: I call in tons of clothing for every story. On a page the reader sees the 10 final items but there may have been 100 options called in. We pick the best from the market to present to our Fashion Director who makes the final choice on what will make the issue. It's usually a lot of decisions, changing of decisions and finalization run-thrus.
JJ: Fashion Week looks like its all glitz and glam…truth be told?
DA: I actually love attending fashion week, there is always such a great energy at the New York shows. Designers put months of work into these collections and then have only 15 minutes to showcase them. It's always inspiring to see a show where everything comes together.
JJ: What is your personal style
DA: I like to wear a lot of feminine pieces and accent them with edgier accessories
JJ: I know you just had a baby (you look FAB btw)…When you were pregnant, how did that affect your style?
DA: Luckily I didn’t really show until 6 months so I was able to wear regular clothing instead of maternity. Towards the end I went to H&M every other week and bought things one size up. I also lived in J brand and DL 1961 maternity jeans
JJ: I know a lot of people sometimes “give up” on fashion when they are pregnant in favor of comfort, thoughts? Opinion?
DA: There are so many stylish woman in Hollywood that look amazing throughout their pregnancies. I took some ideas from Giselle, and Natalie Portman looked stunning in that Viktor and Rolf dress at the Golden Globes. My trick was a pair of heels or high wedges - that always made me feel taller and thinner ;)
JJ: What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever gotten?
DA: To dress for your body and not for what’s trendy
JJ: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
DA: I shop a lot online. Shopbop is my go-to, but I have been buying a ton on ASOS lately which is a new UK site.
JJ: Which designers do you usually prefer?
DA: My favorite designers are Phillip Lim and Jason Wu
JJ: If you could give your 20 year-old self advice about getting into and surviving in fashion, what would it be?
DA: I think the best advice is that you get back what you put in. If you work hard it will always pay off.
JJ: Favorite color?
DA: I go through phases of wearing different colors. For spring I really like cobalt
JJ: Favorite blog…(wink wink)?
DA: Yours of course! I also read WhoWhatWhere, thesartorialist and Daily Candy

*Here are some of Dana's favorite things RIGHT NOW*

Giles & Brother, Tiny Wishbone Studs (ShopBop.com)

JADEtribe, Cluster Beaded Bracelet Set (ShopBop.com)
BELLE Sigerson Morrison, Alberta Cut-Out Leather Gladiator Sandals (INTERMIX)
Joie, A La Plage Parsons Cover Up Tunic (ShopBop.com)

Rag & Bone, Bleecker Trench (INTERMIX)

*Want to SHOP like an expert? Check out Dana's "Shop Like A Fashion Editor" pages in InStyle magazine's March, April, May and June issues!*

happy hump day ;)


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