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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My ass was fat. Not fat as in obese, but fat to the point that I had to take control of the situation. To give you perspective, my goal was to lose 30 pounds. And I did!

I was always an active kid and teenager...basketball, softball, field hockey, cheerleading...the works. Then came college, and a job, and real life and physical fitness basically fell out. I loathe the gym and found the grey walls and smell of rubber less than appealing. Then I dealt with the whole scheduling thing...maybe ill get up early and work out (that worked for about 3 days.) Then I told myself I would work out after work (but I'd get home exhausted and who the heck wants to schlep to the gym at 6pm? not me.) I had to find something that would work and that I would stick with.

I decided to work with a nutritionist to get my eating on track (I, like so many others, suffer from "the carb obsession.") But more importantly, I needed to get fitness back into my life in a way that I could enjoy. Enter Jillian Michaels (who I will be discussing at a later date) and Zumba Fitness (for Wii) and most recently....Power Plate @ Station Fitness in NYC. After I read an article in Marie Claire magazine about this titillating workout, I needed to try it. Not just because the class was only 30 minutes, but because who wouldn't want to work out on a vibrating machine? ;-) Sounded too good to be true. But it's not!

There are a plethora of classes that target different areas and muscles, but my favorite still remains the Total Body Conditioning class. More appealing is the fact that this tiny studio only has 5 machines, so the classes are semi-private. The instructors walk around and make sure every person is working their ass off (literally.) The vibrating plate takes a little getting used to but once you do it's amazzzzing. I bought the $35 introductory week (which includes 3 classes) and then loved it so much I bought a package. The packages can be a little pricey but they always have promotions on the website and the classes definitely give you results. I started seeing tricep lines in just three or four classes...I didn't think I even had triceps.

If you made a New Years resolution to get your body in tip top shape...get your butt to Power Plate, like now. DOOO ITTT!!!

Station Fitness Studio


  1. Hey Junkiej,

    Great blog, glad you're loving the Power Plate so much!

  2. Great blog. Are you still doing the classes? How are the results? I've tried it for my first time tonight and I'm still iffy about it. It seems too good to be true just like you said. I have a package of 5 so I'll use all of them and hopefully be hooked like you.